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Kileshwar Mahadev Temple Video   Information About Kileshwar mahadev Temple Kileshwar is known for beautiful Mahadev Temple surrounded by barado mountains, located in Barda Hills, 92.1 kms from Jamnagar, Gujarat. Jamnagar’s rajvi shri Jaam Sahib has constructed the Kileshwar mahadev temple and this is how the name of this place is given. Accordingly mythology; Pandavas stayed at this place during their isolation period. Best place for Tracking Best place for tracking from Ranpar . If you have time for 1 day you can come and go from here you can contact to me for information.

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Kileshwar Mahadev temple Kileshwar Mahadev temple is the best place for visiting during monsoon.  Kileshwar Mahadev is near Bhanvad and Porbandar.  Most of the people visit during Shravan mas. Kileshvar Mahadev temple is made by Jam Saheb.  Today, Kileshwar Mahadev temple managed by Shatrushalyasinhji son of the Jam Saheb. What To do at kileshvar Mahadev Temple Swimming in nature swimming pool Eat "Ambali" and "Ambada" See the beauty of nature Spent a lovely time with family Throw food on the pond for fish watch beautiful lotus ©  Anand Joshi kileshvar mahadev Temple is in the mountain. near ranpar And Porbandar. Best Place For Tracking from Ranpar.